Mass protests against Israel court reform hit week 10

STORY: Demonstrator Tamir Guytsabry said he was there to speak out against "the dictatorship being established here in the name of so-called law, judicial reform." Miri Lahat called Netanyahu a "crime minister", saying, "He is becoming a dictator and we don't want dictatorship. We want democracy back."

Dozens of people dressed in red cloaks and white bonnets in reference to the totalitarian novel-turned-TV-series 'The Handmaid's Tale', while others tried to give police flowers, which were refused.

In Jerusalem, a rally also took place with demonstrators gathering near the president's residence. One protester, who gave his name as Lior, told Reuters he believed such reforms should require a consensus by a "variety of [the] Israeli population."

Critics say the planned reform will threaten democratic checks and balances on ministers by the courts, with some accusing Netanyahu of trying to escape a legal case against him.

Netanyahu is on trial on corruption charges that he denies and says the reforms aim to balance out branches of government.