Mass 'Invasion Day' protests on Australia Day

STORY: In Sydney, the capital of New South Wales - Australia's most populous state - large crowds gathered at an "Invasion Day" rally in the central business district, where some people carried Aboriginal flags and an Indigenous smoking ceremony took place.

This year's holiday comes as Albanese's center-left Labor Party government plans a referendum on recognizing Indigenous people in the constitution, and requiring consultation with them on decisions that affect their lives, called the Voice to Parliament.

Many Indigenous Australians, however, are not supportive of the move, feeling that they are still not being listened to, a theme that was central to many of the protests held around the country.

An annual poll by market research company Roy Morgan released this week showed nearly two-thirds of Australians say January 26 should be considered "Australia Day", largely unchanged from a year ago. The rest believe it should be "Invasion Day".