The Masked Singer UK viewers convinced Cat and Mouse are married celebrities

The Masked Singer fans are adamant that they have discovered the real identity of the Cat and Mouse on the ITV series.

According to viewer theories, married couple and singers Martin and Shirlie Kemp are allegedly behind the masks of the Cat and Mouse.

The first episode of the season, which aired on ITV on Sunday (1 January), saw the animalistic pair go up against Ghost, Jellyfish, Phoenix, Knitting and Otter to impress the studio audience and the panel.

Ghost was eventually unmasked as footballer Chris Kamara, leaving viewers thrilled and the panel shocked.

Now, viewers have their suspicions that Pepsi & Shirlie singer, Shirlie, and Spandau Ballet vocalist, Martin, are hiding under the Cat and Mouse costumes.

Viewers believe that the clues given in episode one were enough to give their identities away.

Clues included the number 20,000,000 written on a notepad and “knowing how to spin a tale”, while the cat said he was “no stranger to legalities”.

Another giveaway sign could be that the pair are singers and they’ve even duetted before, co-releasing an album In The Swing Of It in 2019.

Martin and Shirlie Kemp released an album together in 2019 (Getty Images)
Martin and Shirlie Kemp released an album together in 2019 (Getty Images)

Viewers have theorised about the pair on Twitter, with one person writing: “Cat & mouse I’m saying Martin Kemp & Shirlie Kemp 100%.”

Another viewer wrote: “Throwing my hat in early on this @realmartinkemp @Shirliekemp #MaskedSingerUK. Cat and mouse defo!!!”

“So intriguing to have a duo! I’m guessing Martin & Shirlie Kemp for Cat & Mouse,” said one viewer, before theorising about the clues. “Martin has been a judge on talent shows (legal clues) and Shirlie was in the Spice Girls video for Mama.”

Other cast members, such as Knitting, are theorised to be Claire Richards from Steps. Meanwhile, other viewers have guessed that Otter is “Wuthering Heights” singer Kate Bush, due to her tone of voice and diction.

The next instalment of The Masked Singer airs on ITV at 9pm on Saturday (7 January).