The Masked Singer Finale: [Spoiler] Wins Season 10! Plus, Every Celebrity Identity Revealed

The Masked Singer Finale: [Spoiler] Wins Season 10! Plus, Every Celebrity Identity Revealed
The Masked Singer Finale: [Spoiler] Wins Season 10! Plus, Every Celebrity Identity Revealed

After 11 weeks of blood, sweat and Donut-induced tears, The Masked Singer finally crowned its latest winner during Wednesday’s two-hour Season 10 finale.

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Of course, Wednesday’s finale marked more than just the end of Season 10 — it’s also the last time we’ll be seeing Nicole Scherzinger on the judges’ panel for a bit. As previously reported, the Pussycat Dolls frontwoman will be replaced by Rita Ora when The Masked Singer returns in 2024; Scherzinger was busy starring in the West End production of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Sunset Boulevard when Season 11 was filmed.

OK, let’s talk results: Four contestants remained atop the full-night event — Cow, Donut, Gazelle and Sea Queen — which gave them each one last chance to sing for the audience’s votes. Much to this recapper’s surprise, the first elimination of the night was Sea Queen, followed by Gazelle, who was already competing on borrowed time thanks to Ken Jeong’s use of the one-time-only save.

This left Donut and Cow to face off as the season’s top two singers, and while both competitors put up a good fight, there could only be one winner. After one last brutal round of voting from the audience, Cow was revealed to be the winner of The Masked Singer Season 10.

Your thoughts on Cow’s victory? Read on to see which celebrities were lurking under those costumes, then drop a comment with your take on Season 10 below.

SEA QUEEN (Macy Gray!)

We knew the Sea Queen’s signature rasp could only belong to one singer — and we were right! After finishing in fourth place, the mysterious contestant revealed herself to be Grammy winner Macy Gray.

GAZELLE (Janel Parrish!)

After narrowly escaping elimination (thanks, Jeong!), Gazelle returned for The Masked Singer‘s Season 10 finale, finishing in third place and revealing herself to be Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish.

DONUT (John Schneider!)

So close! Donut finished out Season 10 in second place, shocking the judges when he revealed himself to be TV legend John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville).

COW (Ne-Yo!)

Moooooove over, and make room for this season’s winner! After receiving his victory trophy in the finale, Cow revealed himself to be — as many suspected — R&B singer Ne-Yo!

ANONYMOUSE (Demi Lovato!)

Demi Lovato was technically the first celebrity to be unmasked this season, following her performance of Heart’s “What About Love” during the kick-off special on Sept. 10.

ANTEATER (John Oates!)

We knew that Anteater was a classic rocker. We even knew that his first name was John. We just weren’t sure which John he was. Cougar Mellencamp, perhaps? Close, but no cigar! One week before the Season 10 finale, Anteater was revealed to be John Oates of Hall & Oates!

CANDELABRA (Keyshia Cole!)

CANDELABRA (Keyshia Cole!)
CANDELABRA (Keyshia Cole!)

Our money was on Tiffany Haddish for this one, so it’s a good thing we didn’t place any real bets — or we would’ve gotten burned. Candelabra was eliminated one week before the finale, revealing herself to be R&B superstar Keyshia Cole.

CUDDLE MONSTER (Metta World Peace!)

CUDDLE MONSTER (Metta World Peace!)
CUDDLE MONSTER (Metta World Peace!)

It was one and done for Cuddle Monster, the wild card of Group C, who was unmasked after just one appearance in Episode 8. It turned out to be none other than Metta World Peace.

DIVER (Tom Sandoval!)

The second celebrity voted off this season was also a Bravolebrity! Vanderpump Rules villain Tom Sandoval was revealed to be under the Diver’s helmet on Oct. 4 (aka NFL Night).

HAWK (Tyler Posey!)

We recognized that voice immediately… and we were right! After losing to Tiki in Episode 6, Hawk was unmasked and revealed to be Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey.

HIBISCUS (Luann de Lesseps!)

After losing her smackdown in Episode 7, Hibiscus was revealed to be former Real Housewives of New York City star (and former countess) Luann de Lesseps.

HUSKY (Ginuwine!)

The Husky was forced to, ahem, pony up his identity in Episode 10, revealing himself to be R&B singer Ginuwine.

PICKLE (Michael Rapaport!)

After losing to the S’more in Episode 4, the Pickle was indeed revealed to be comedian/actor/host Michael Rapaport. (Seriously with that Friends clue? Could that have been any more obvious?)

ROYAL HEN (Billie Jean King!)

After getting her feathers handed to her by Hawk in Episode 5, Royal Hen was revealed to be none other than tennis great and feminist icon Billie Jean King.

RUBBER DUCKY (Anthony Anderson!)

Anthony Anderson came clean about his identity after being voted off in the Sept. 27 premiere. We’re not saying he was bad, just bad…ish.

S’MORE (Ashley Parker Angel!)

S’more got burn-baby-burned on Disco Night (Episode 9), failing to earn enough audience votes in to battle for a spot in the finals. As the judges watched with bated breath, the celebrity betwixt those two graham crackers was revealed to be… Ashley Parker Angel!

TIKI (Sebastian Bach!)

Tiki got the boot at the end of Episode 10, revealing himself to be, as the judges suspected, the frontman of a rock group. Ladies and gentlemen, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row!

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