The Masked Singer: Who is Rubbish?

As has become customary in January, The Masked Singer is back on our screens to kick off the year in chaotic fashion.

Joel Dommett takes charge of proceedings once again as 13 celebrities dressed in creative disguises show off their vocals every weekend on ITV.

The audience at home and in the studio are not the only ones guessing their identities, however. Mo Gilligan, Davina McCall, Rita Ora and Jonathan Ross are the judging panel, determining who progresses to the next stages of the competition.

After the first episode, Ghost was unveiled as football star Chris Kamara, and became the season’s first eliminated contestant. Following this, Lulu was revealed as Piece of Cake, and Martin and Shirlie Kemp removed their Cat and Mouse disguises in episode three.

Among the costumes competing this time around are Phoenix, Knitting, Jellyfish and Jacket Potato.

However, one of the most amusing identities in store for this season is Rubbish – a green refuse bin with bottles and cans emerging from the top.

(Note for The Masked Singer producers: perhaps the proper name for this character should be “Recycling”...)

Here’s everything we know about Rubbish so far.

Who is Rubbish?

Who is Rubbish on ‘The Masked Singer’? (ITV)
Who is Rubbish on ‘The Masked Singer’? (ITV)

Rubbish made their first appearance on the show on Saturday 7 January, to the intro music of “Parklife” by Blur.

“I’m the one you’ve ‘bin’ waiting for, and I’m here to work... clean up, that’s what I do best... I’m here to pick up litter, or as some call it, garbage,” he said.

Rubbish appeared to hint that he had been in a band but had later gone solo. Another clue came in the form of a red bin with “No 1” written on it.

He performed “Let Me Entertain You” by Robbie Williams.

Ross said he didn’t think it was a professional singer and guessed actor Dean Gaffney, while McCall guessed Anthony Costa because of the cup of coffee included in Rubbish’s costume. Ora guessed rapper Goldie.

The Masked Singer airs Saturdays at 7pm on ITV.