Masked Singer’s Gumball Revealed? The Judges Are ‘Super’ Sure This Time! (Exclusive Sneak Peek)

The judges are sweet on Gumball in this exclusive sneak peek from Wednesday’s episode of The Masked Singer (Fox, 8/7c), and two of them seem pretty confident that they know who’s under his mask.

“There was a past clue with the guitars and the drums, and he was in School of Rock,” Rita Ora says in TVLine’s first look above. “Guys, is this Jack Black?!”

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“We love Jack Black!” adds Jenny McCarthy. (Yes, yes we do.)

Robin Thicke acknowledges Black as a valid guess, since “he can really sing and he writes songs,” but Thicke has a different movie star in mind for Gumball. More specifically, he’s thinking of “someone else who has worked with Ken [Jeong] and played Kurt Warner in the American Underdog movie.” Thicke notes, “There have been superhero clues, and this guy … a lot of people don’t know how well he sings. Could this be Zachary Levi from Shazam?”

Levi is a very good guess for Gumball, we must admit. In fact, it was our first inclination back when the character was introduced last month. The vocals, the superhero clue — it seemed like a slam dunk. That is, until Gumball shared the heartbreaking story about his wife’s difficult diagnosis and the impact it will have on their future. Levi was briefly married to FBI star Miss Peregrym, but he’s been single since 2015, which rules him out as a possibility.

So, who do we think Gumball really is? … Potential spoiler alert incoming! … Don’t say we didn’t warn you! … Last chance, OK? … Alright, there’s no turning back now: We think that Gumball is actor Scott Porter, who can currently be seen on Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia. An off-Broadway performer earlier in his career, Porter has lent his voice to a number of Marvel projects (hence the superhero clues) and got his big break on Friday Night Lights (hence the football). But what sealed the deal for us was remembering how outspoken Porter has been about his wife’s diagnosis with Huntington’s disease.

Hit PLAY on the video above for a sneak peek of Wednesday’s Masked Singer, then click into the gallery below for a complete breakdown of the remaining contestants (and which big names are inside the costumes).

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