'Masked Singer' Fans Think Kandi Burruss Is The Night Angel

Leah Rocketto
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The final group of The Masked Singer Season 3 finally got to perform on March 11. That means that fans got to meet the Night Angel at last. The purple and pink winged masked singer hit the stage singing Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name," and brought the judges and audience to their feet. "What a way to open the show," Jenny McCarthy said. "Best performance all season." Nicole Scherzinger added that the Night Angel's "voice was soaring" on the stage.

All of the judges agreed that her voice sounded familiar, but they weren't really united on who they thought it might have been. Meanwhile, almost everyone on Twitter had a common guess that the judges hadn't even thought about.

So who is the Night Angel?

Some of the initial clues about the Night Angel were several numbers like two, four, five, and six. She said a lot of doors have opened for her in her life. Also a group of angry older women was shown, and she also said the line, "It's my prerogative to have a little fun, y'all." She also kept making references to being "a little bit dangerous and a little bit sweet."

For her second performance, there were clues about sweet tea, building an "empire," breaking off on her own, and some sort of strawberry castle that confused the judges. But even though the judges can't agree on who it might be, the fans are united with a major guess.

Theory 1: Kandi Burruss

Nearly everyone on Twitter was united in their guess for Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss. She has a restaurant called Old Lady Gang, which could explain the grandma mob clue. She's also a professional singer, which could explain why the Night Angel was able to blow everyone away with her performance. As far as the number clues, the two could be a reference to her joining Real Housewives in season two. The "strawberry castle" clue could be a reference to how Burruss' restaurant is in Castleberry Hill. The sweet tea also seems to point to the Night Angel being from the south, which Burruss is.

The March 25 clues basically clinched the deal, because a friend of the Night Angel's told a story about how the performer had to miss a lot of high school (including prom) to follow her career goals — and she almost missed her graduation because she had a work obligation. In 2014, Burruss posted on Instagram about how being in the band Xscape meant that she missed her prom and almost didn't go to her graduation. "My group #Xscape was mad at me for going to my graduation because we had a show that day," she wrote.

Lots of fans also thought they recognized her voice.

Theory 2: Taraji P. Henson

Although all the clues seem to point to Burruss, the judges considered that Empire star Taraji P. Henson could be behind the Night Angel's mask. Nicole Scherzinger made that guess based mostly on the "built an empire" clue from the clue package, but there was also a clue about hustling, and Henson was in Hustle & Flow. After the March 25 performance, Scherzinger doubled down because of a clue about an astronomy quiz, and Henson was in the space movie Hidden Figures.

Some fans agreed that she could be the masked singer.

Overall, it seems that Kandi Burruss is the favorite guess right now for The Masked Singer fans, but we'll keep an eye on the clues to come to be sure.

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