'The Masked Singer' Fans Are 'Done' With the Show After the 'Disrespectful' Results

Erin Cavoto

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  • Chaka Khan and Dionne Warwick were revealed as the voices behind Miss Monster and the Mouse on season 3 of The Masked Singer.

  • Their shocking eliminations sparked outrage among fans, eliciting a call for a voting overhaul.

The Masked Singer fans have had it with legendary performers getting booted from the show so early in the season.

The Fox competition has featured a wide range of stars, including professional gamers, NBA players, and popular comedians. With such an assortment of contestants, it’s always a shock to see who comes out victorious.

However, viewers are calling for a major overhaul to the voting system after two iconic vocalists were surprisingly eliminated.

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Just before the Group B Championship, six-time Grammy-winning singer Dionne Warwick was revealed as the voice behind the Mouse. The elimination hit a sore spot since R&B legend (not to mention winner of 10 Grammys) Chaka Khan said her goodbye just two weeks before.

With what seems to be a growing pattern, people took to Twitter to voice their concerns over the "disrespectful" results. Some suggested they "need a new voting system" while others threatened they're "done with this show."

While the results are always a mixed bag, we can understand why people would be outraged at how certain celebrities seem to hang on for so long. The White Tiger, for example, is still getting a fair bit of backlash for surviving multiple rounds.

But if you ask us, it's all in the name of the game. Which is why we're still agonizing over who the Taco is...

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