‘New Mascot’: Coyote Refuses to Leave Californian Classroom

A coyote entered a Californian classroom on August 18 and refused to leave despite the best efforts of staff.

Father Filiberto Cortez, who shot this footage, told Storyful he and other staff at Northridge’s Our Lady of Lourdes School “were standing for carline for parents to drop off students around 7:20am or so, when suddenly the coyote ran straight into the 8th grade classroom”.

The video shows the animal seated in a corner behind the teacher’s desk. As Father Filiberto attempts to shoo the coyote from the corner, other people in the room remark on its stubbornness.

“It’s now part of the decor,” a man says.

“It’s a new mascot,” a woman replies.

Local media reported the animal was safely removed by animal control. Credit: Fr Filiberto Cortez via Storyful

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