MAS needs confirmation MH370 in Indian Ocean before taking families to Perth


members of passengers aboard MH370 will only be flown to Perth by Malaysia Airlines once it has been confirmed the aircraft did indeed crash there.

MAS group chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said the arrangements to transport the family members to Perth would be made once confirmation had been received.

"Malaysia Airlines also needs to wait for the relevant government agencies to provide clearances for the family members to be taken to the crash site," he said in a statement today.

Ahmad Jauhari said a family assistance centre will also be established in Perth where it will be the focal point for all activities.

"This includes briefings, religious and prayer services," Ahmad Jauhari said.

When Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared on March 8, MAS made arrangements for family members to be flown to Beijing or Kuala Lumpur.

This included lodging provided at hotels in the Klang Valley along with regular briefings provided by Malaysia Airlines.

Each family was also given an initial assistance aid of US$5,000 (RM16,000).

Based on data provided by British satellite company Inmarsat and the UK's Air Accidents Investigations Branch, authorities are now searching in the southern part of the Indian Ocean.

Aircraft and vessel from 26 nations are searching for debris which might be related to MH370 in the area. – March 30, 2014