Maryland Zoo Reopens After Coronavirus Shutdown

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore reopened on June 24 for the first time following a shutdown of more than three months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This video, taken by zoo staff, shows the first visitors to the zoo, as well as many of the animals that greeted them. The zoo will be open to members through June 26, after which it will reopen to the general public, but only allow a quarter of its normally permitted crowd size.

The National Aquarium, in nearby Washington DC, will reopen on July 1, and similarly will limit crowd capacity at 25 percent.

The coronavirus pandemic, which led to shutdowns in both Maryland and Washington DC, have posed serious financial problems for zoos and aquariums across the country. Though they were closed to paying guests, costs associated with the feeding and upkeep of animals were largely unaffected. The Maryland Zoo predicts it will run a budget shortfall of at least $4 million during the current fiscal year ending June 30. Credit: The Maryland Zoo via Storyful