Marvel's Spider-Man 2 lets you switch characters whenever, but you won't catch Peter or Miles out of their suits

 Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

You can switch between Miles Morales and Peter Parker at will in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, but you'll never see the other character out of their Spidey Suit in the open world.

As part of our brand new Marvel's Spider-Man 2 preview, GamesRadar+ spoke to Insomniac senior art director Jacinda Chew about the sequel. The Insomniac developer touched on the fact that players can switch between Miles and Peter whenever they want while they're out in the open world of New York City.

"If it's a player-controlled switch, which happens in the open world, because it's in gameplay then you'll be in your suit," Chew tells us. This means that you'll basically never see Miles or Peter strolling out in the open world as normal New Yorkers - they're always in their Spidey Suits and raring to go.

It was just confirmed earlier this week that if you're playing as one character in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, you'll see your ally swinging around the city. The new comment from Chew gives us a better picture of exactly how Miles and Peter will work in tandem together in Insomniac's open world.

Despite your ally appearing in the open world, they won't actually help you. You won't have an AI-controlled Peter Parker step in to help you batter some goons while you're playing as Miles Morales, for example. Your friend is simply set dressing for your adventures while playing alone.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 finally launches in just under a month from now on October 20, after a fair few years of rampant anticipation. Insomniac's sequel just went gold yesterday, so it's now full steam ahead of the final launch.

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