Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has custom difficulty settings to fine-tune combat and stealth separately

 Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has variable difficulty modifiers for its combat and stealth.

Earlier today, September 28, developer Insomniac took to the PlayStation Blog to outline some of the accessibility options in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. The arguable headliner is the option to change specific aspects of the game with regards to both combat and stealth.

These all fall under 'Challenge Level Modifiers,' which let you customize aspects like enemy health, enemy damage, and dodge/parry timing. On the stealthier side of things, you can tone down the awareness of enemies while you're hiding, and you can even simplify puzzles for a smoother ride.

There's also a 'chase assist' option, which Insomniac reveals was first added to Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales in 2020 in response to some players from the original game struggling to complete the sequences. This time, you can reduce your target's top speed, increase the time until they escape, and automatically pin down a target as soon as they're in range.

There are also a bunch of accessibility features coming to Insomniac's sequel after it launches. Audio descriptions, which can describe cutscenes and cinematics as they take place, are on the radar, while a screen reader feature will vocalize things like tutorial messages whenever they pop on the screen. These options, as well as customizable captions, will be coming in December 2023.

In August, we heard how Spider-Man 2 will have customizable game speed, so you can slow down moments like combat for better control. Elsewhere, you can even turn on fall damage whenever you want, if the sequel wasn't dangerous enough with Venom and Lizard wrecking New York City already.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 launches next month on October 20, and you can read our full Marvel's Spider-Man 2 preview for our hands-on impressions of Insomniac's sequel.

Be warned though: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Trophies have leaked online, meaning some spoilers could well be out there already.