Marvel's Midnight Suns finally has a PS4 and Xbox One release date, but the Switch port is dead

 Marvel's Midnight Suns Storm
Marvel's Midnight Suns Storm

Criminally underrated superhero strategy game Marvel's Midnight Suns will make its way to PS4 and Xbox One on Thursday, May 11, but its long-awaited Switch port has officially been canceled.

A new post from publisher 2K confirms the last-gen ports will launch alongside the game's fourth DLC, Blood Storm, which introduces Storm as a playable character and adds more missions to the Vampyre subplot.

Arguably the most important bit of information in the news is relegated to one line at the end of the second paragraph: "Note that a Nintendo Switch version of Marvel's Midnight Suns is no longer planned." There you have it, folks.

The game's Switch prospects looked dire after it was tacitly delayed just under a year ago, with 2K saying it would "be available at a later date" at the time. This followed a delay for the whole dang game, and in August, the entire old-gen lineup was also delayed with a blank "TBA" placeholder window. Well, it's finally been announced, but it's bad news for Switch hopefuls.

Despite these setbacks, XCOM developer Firaxis did deliver an excellent strategy game with a compelling RPG attached to it, even if it tragically doesn't let you smooch your favorite heroes. As we said in our Marvel's Midnight Suns review, it "works wonders to freshen up familiar Marvel characters, producing lively battles from focused turn-based systems, then diving into their personalities and histories to reveal their intimate concerns."

Part of that RPG charm comes from some surprising influences. As director Jake Solomon told us last year, he played and researched the likes of Persona and Fire Emblem to leverage the way "Japanese developers have been doing awesome tactics games combined with RPGs – especially relationships."

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