Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 actor tells fans to “get over” the hero’s changed face: “I don’t care if he looks like a goblin”

 Marvel's Spider-Man 2 .
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 .

Yuri Lowenthal - the actor behind Peter Parker in Insomniac’s superhero romps - has told fans to “get over” the hero’s updated face ahead of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Insomniac’s first outing in the series was beloved, but when it came time for the PS5 remaster, the developer chose to change Peter Parker’s face for a slightly younger look - a revision that irked some fans. “The performance was the same for me,” explained Lowenthal in an interview with The actor said he “got over” the change immediately, and that the studio wanted to “make this change so that the facial animation is better.”

Lowenthal continued: “I don’t care if he looks like a goblin. If my performance is better, then I’m in. I’m kind of tired of talking about it, to be honest, because I think everything that needs to be said has been said. Some people will take longer to get over it, some people will never get over it.”

There’s some silver lining to the complaints, though. “The one positive thing I take away from this experience is that people connected emotionally, so hard and so deeply in the first game, that they’re mad when they feel that person changes,” the actor continued to say. “I can only be so mad about that because it worked… you connected with the character which is great. Now, get over it!”

The much-anticipated sequel now follows two Spider-Men this time around: Peter Parker and Mile Morales. The open-world adventure lets you switch between the two web-slingers whenever you wish, but you’ll also be able to bump into the other hero as you explore the expanded city. That bigger world map also hosts “some really cool surprises” with its side content, too.

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