Martin Kemp on how acting helped cure his shyness

In the first of a special two-parter, chart legend, actor and now author, Martin Kemp talks to Kate about how acting helped cure his crippling childhod shyness.

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Video transcript

KATE THORNTON: In the '70s, you were a shy boy. A really shy boy that came to life under the guidance of Anna Scher.


KATE THORNTON: And this was a drama school, not for drama students, though it was for regular kids from regular and quite often, poor backgrounds. Is that right?

MARTIN KEMP: Yeah, very poor backgrounds. I mean, Islington was really poor when I grew up. My mom and dad had next to nothing. Anna Scher opened the drama club, which was two nights a week, 10p a lesson. And it was in a community center opposite us in a block of flats, so we were really lucky.

My mom put me there not to become an actor but to get rid of my shyness.


MARTIN KEMP: For me to open up.

KATE THORNTON: And Gary went with you right? Your older brother.

MARTIN KEMP: Gary went about-- a few months before me and he was happy there. So I think, if Gary never went, I wouldn't have gone.