Martha Stewart Defends Herself Against ‘Harsh’ Comments Over Living Room Redesign

Not even home decor mastermind Martha Stewart and her recently redesigned Maine home are safe from the internet’s brutal criticisms.

The hubbub began online after Stewart shared progress photos of her redecorated living room on Instagram last week.

“We switched the living room from grey blue upholstery to a creamy pale buttery yellow,” the TV personality captioned the post.

“The library is much more comfortable now, and the faux bois table is now the card table. I love the rustic yet elegant charm of this lovely 1925 house,” she added.

While Stewart was satisfied with the redesign, the internet didn’t seem to agree.

“Looks old and stuffy,” one person wrote.

Another commented, “Going to be could hire a better decorator.”

“Confusing room with no single focal point... maybe a good design for a first class airport lounge,” someone else wrote.

Another compared it to a “Marriott suite living room in 1987.”

All the displeased comments caught the eye of Stewart, prompting her to defend her decor skills against the “harsh judgment” in a separate Instagram post.

“I rarely read all the comments that come in after I post, but because I was so happy at the transformation of my Maine living room, I did go through many of the comments and was surprised at the harsh judgment so many displayed,” she captioned the post.

Stewart went on to explain that she and her “Maine helpers” spent three hours taking out old furniture from the room and adding in new pieces.

It “was not a ‘decorator’s’ professional installation. It was an attempt to change quickly and efficiently. Making a house a home or a room a beautiful, livable space takes a lot more than three hours,” she wrote.

While many of Stewart’s followers continued to criticize the redesign in her response post, some stepped in to gush over the unfinished room.

“I don’t care what all those negative reviewers say this is gorgeous!! I love the yellow — so tranquil and relaxing,” one person wrote. “Shame on those for being so harsh in your comments.”

Another commented, “Look forward to see the finishing touches 💕.”