Mark Zuckerberg Admits Meta’s Smart Glasses Can Be Hacked to Film Others – With a Piece of Tape

Last Fall, Meta and Ray-Ban introduced the world’s first pair of smart glasses, allowing people to “capture photos and video, share your adventures, and listen to music or take phone calls” with just a set of eyewear. But this week, Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted it is possible for those glasses could be hacked to film people without consent — and pretty easily.

Zuckerberg appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience this week for a three-hour interview on all things Meta, social media and more. Naturally, the conversation touched on Meta’s inventions. But Rogan had some concerns about the smart glasses — particularly that they contain such a small camera. During the interview, Rogan questioned whether such a discreet camera could create privacy breaches.

Zuckerberg assured Rogan that there is a measure in place to make sure everyone knows when the glasses are filming, in the form of a bright blinking light. (Comedian Jimmy O. Yang joked on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” this week that that blinking light actually got his father caught for filming inside the theater during the premiere of Yang’s newest movie).

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“That, I think, is a really important part of this,” Zuckerberg argued. But, Rogan pressed further on the matter, asking if that flashing light could simply be covered up by something like…a piece of tape. And at that, Zuckerberg conceded to the possibility.

“I guess you could, in theory,” he said.

That said, Zuckerberg also guessed that the piece of tape could interfere with the camera view, so it may not work as intended.