Mark Cuban Says Women Should Start Their Own Political Party: ‘You Don’t Need Guys Who Look Like Me’

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Mark Cuban has landed on the solution to solve what he sees as the two party issue: a political party made exclusively of women.

“I think now, especially after Roe, women are stepping up. You know, why don’t you start a political party and have nothing but women?” Cuban said at Vox Media’s Code Conference in Los Angeles. “We have so much power, so much strength, so much momentum with women. You don’t need guys who look like me by a long-shot.”

Cuban’s comments prompted Code host Kara Swisher to ask if the mogul would ever run for president — which he quickly shut down.

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The Cost Plus Drug Company founder and Dallas Mavericks owner also discussed problems with the U.S.’s two-party system, comparing it to the pharmaceutical industry and noting that “everybody just takes your money in little chunks, and all of a sudden that adds up. And because you give them these little chunks of money, you have to root for your team.”

“But leave your party, vote on the issues that are important to you, give money to the issue or participate with the issue instead of the political side,” he said. “Politics is the root of the evil.”

However, the Shark Tank host said we must do things differently, explaining that “we still have too much of ‘hey, it’s my side,'” while still noting how rallying together can be helpful, pointing out “rallying together” can explain Stacey Abrams’ success of widespread voter registration.

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“There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s all part of the part of the power structure. And then the Republicans do the same thing,” he said. “And so you have these two huge power bases that have all the power. That is the problem.”

Cuban then introduced his plan to shake up the system through a female-only party, an idea he says he has run past his female friends.

“Don’t let me in, right? Take my money, but don’t let me in you know? So much more can happen and just you can’t do the same thing all the time and expect different results,” he said,

However, he had some choice words for one female senator: “Screw you, Elizabeth Warren. You’re everything wrong with politics.”

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