Mark Cuban Streamer Fireside Teams With Ex-FBI Hostage Specialist for Negotiator Training Program

Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi’s streaming platform Fireside is launching an exclusive membership program titled The Black Swan Network. It aims to help members develop their negotiation skills through live mentorship, including the opportunity for one-on-one training.

Former FBI international hostage negotiator Chris Voss has partnered with Fireside for the Black Swan Network initiative, which will offer weekly interactive shows wherein members can communicate with Voss and special guests to optimize their experience and get custom-tailored knowledge out of negotiation training.

“Our mission has always been to help people achieve life-changing outcomes through negotiation,” Voss said in a statement. “Negotiation empowers people, develops your empathy and anchors you emotionally. It even enhances your public speaking skills. That’s why I’m thrilled to partner with Fireside to launch The Black Swan Network, the first interactive business negotiation network pioneering the way people learn negotiation skills.”

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The interactive nature of the experience means participants will get real-time feedback to inquiries. Furthermore, beyond personalized coaching opportunities and shows, The Black Swan Network will feature monthly invites and “potential” invitations to in-person events.

Fireside CEO & cofounder Falon Fatemi said, “At Fireside we continue to seek out the best experts in their fields to reach their global audiences and Chris Voss and The Black Swan team are in a league of their own. Whether you’re negotiating with your 5-year-old or the next business deal, The Black Swan membership is an essential investment for your life.”

Those interested can check out Fireside on all iOS devices as well as any devices with browser capabilities.

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