Mark Consuelos and Bryan Cranston's Dishwasher Comments Spark Major Debate Among Fans

During a January 29 taping of Live With Kelly and Mark, Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa
hosted actor Bryan Cranston as he promoted his new film Argylle. In an unexpected turn of events, the conversation segued into the actor's dishwasher preferences.

As the trio talked about Bryan's love of cleaning the kitchen after his wife, Robin Dearden, cooks their meals, Bryan and Mark started to discuss how to properly load a dishwasher. While they discussed their preferences (Mark revealed how he loves to stack things by type of utensil, while Bryan said he always makes sure knives face down), Kelly stared at her husband in amazement.

"Oh, did we lose you already?" Bryan asked Kelly as she watched on incredulously.

"No, I'm just staring at Mark pretending that he knows where the dishwasher is," Kelly replied amid Mark's laughter. "It's that thing I'm always hovering over."

Upon Kelly throwing a little shade at her husband for his lack of kitchen cleaning, Mark couldn't help but defend his position on the subject.

"Listen — I lived on my own for a long time," he passionately responded. "I know where the dishwasher is. I was very, very good [at it]... That's your domain. You're very particular about it because when I do something in the dishwasher, I hear, 'Huh.'"

Upon hearing Mark's rationale when it came to loading the dishwasher in a particular manner, fans couldn't help but jump in with thoughts. "Oh, never thought of knife knife knife fork fork fork — good one," one follower noted. "All silverware should be organized by type! I agree [with] Mark," a different fan added.

While others weren't so sure about that method. "But, if you put all forks together and all knives and all spoons together, they nest inside one another and do not get clean, mix 'em up. I think that would work better," someone said.

So, is there a correct way of loading the dishwasher in order to get your dishes perfectly clean? You bet. While there are a number of tips people should be aware of before loading a dishwasher, Carolyn Forté, Good Housekeeping Institute's Cleaning Lab Director, says, "If you use a flatware basket in the bottom rack, it's best to mix utensils up for better cleaning. But if you lay them out in a top tray, it's more of a personal preference."

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