Mark Adam admits COVID-19 affected his singing

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12 Jan – Malaysia-based Filipino singer and vocal coach Mark Adam recently admitted that his previous experience with COVID-19 has slightly affected his singing ability.

The singer, who was infected with the coronavirus in late December last year, shared that he could feel the difference in his lung capacity, especially when he is performing.

"It feels different, unlike before I was infected. I feel a bit breathless now when I sing. As a singer, it is troubling if your breathing is affected," he said.

Mark is not letting it get in the way, however, as he revealed that he would now do breathing exercises every morning to enhance his lung capacity.

"I would do breathing-related exercises for five minutes every morning," he added.

At the same time, the singer admitted that the experience has made him a little paranoid, as he was unsure how he was infected, having volunteered in a relief mission for flood victims for only two days prior to his condition.

Mark and his wife were both tested positive for COVID-19 earlier
Mark and his wife were both tested positive for COVID-19 earlier

(Photo Source: Mark Adam Instagram)

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