Marjorie Taylor Greene sidesteps gun issue, blames Texas mall shooting on ‘evil forces’

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Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene joined the list of Republicans refusing to point the finger at the staggering number of firearms, including high-powered rifles, existing in American society on Saturday as she cast blame for yet another horrific yet wholly unsurprising massacre that unfolded over the weekend.

At least eight people are dead as well as the suspected gunman in Allen, Texas, after a mass shooting broke out at an outlet mall. Witnesses described a scene of sheer carnage and terror on the streets of one of the US’s largest states as America reckoned with another all-too-common day of violence and blood.

The conspiracy-embracing Republican congresswoman from Georgia commented that “evil forces” were at work causing the shootings. There was no mention of guns, the issue of safety in America’s most conservative areas (an issue Ms Greene and her fellows enjoy raising about their liberal counterparts), or even any suggestion of a path forward out of the brutal, heartbreaking reality of American life under an epidemic of gun violence.

“Thank God for the brave officer that courageously ran into the line of fire to save others. We pray for the victims and their families and an end to the mental illness, drugs, and evil forces that cause people to commit such horrors,” she wrote, linking to a tweet describing the scene that was so graphic it was removed under Twitter’s new “free speech” administration.

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