Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘sees herself on the shortlist for Trump’s VP’

Marjorie Taylor Greene is working to become former President Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate, a report says.

Former Trump White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who hosts a podcast on which the Georgia Republican Representative has appeared, told NBC News that “this is no shrinking violet, she’s ambitious, she’s not shy about that, nor should she be”.

“She sees herself on the shortlist for Trump’s VP. Paraphrasing Cokie Roberts, when MTG looks in the mirror she sees a potential president smiling back,” he said, referring to the late NPR political reporter.

Another source, who has served as an adviser to Ms Greene, told NBC that her “whole vision is to be vice president”. The source told the outlet that he thinks she’s on Mr Trump’s list of potential VPs.

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