Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests stepmoms aren’t real mothers in nasty hearing clash

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene told a woman with stepchildren that she is “not a mother” in her latest outburst at a House hearing.

Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), appeared in front of the House Oversight and Accountability Subcommittee on Select Coronavirus Crisis on Wednesday to answer questions about school closures during the pandemic.

During Ms Greene’s time for questioning, she pressed Ms Weingarten about her recommendation to close schools and attempted to discredit her expertise.

“Are you a medical doctor?” the Georgia Republican asked Ms Weingarten.

Ms Weingarten replied, “I am not.”

“Are you a mother?” Ms Greene asked.

Ms Weingarten replied, “I am a mother by marriage.”

Ms Greene responded sceptically, “I see, by marriage.”

Ms Greene continued to challenge Ms Weingarten’s experience and knowledge about modern schools, saying the head of the AFT had not taught a full classroom since June 1997.

“You had no business advising the CDC what the medical guidelines were for school closures because now we have a nation of schoolchildren who have suffered because of it,” Ms Greene said.

She continued with, “You’re just a political activist, not a teacher, not a mother, not a medical doctor.”

After Ms Greene’s time was up, Democratic Rep Eric Garcia of California made a point of order to note that Ms Greene’s decorum and attacks on Ms Weingarten were “unacceptable”.

“It would be nice if we didn’t attack the witnesses, particularly, when making a decision on whether or not she’s a mother. You are a mother, thank you for being a great parent,” Mr Garcia said.

Representative Raul Ruiz, another California Democrat, asked for Ms Greene’s remarks to be taken from the record but Chairman Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) clarified that Ms Greene’s comments were not in violation of House rules.

Ms Greene’s insult is the latest in her controversial outbursts during House committee hearings. Last week, Ms Greene was barred from speaking during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing after calling a witness a “liar.”

On Twitter, Ms Weingarten re-tweeted several comments from people who condemned Ms Greene’s attack.