Mariupol woman sits unflinching while shells explode

STORY: Mariupol is a major target for Russia as it seeks to cut Ukraine off from the Black Sea and connect Russian-controlled territory in the south and east.

Bushlanova described how she wakes up every morning and cries.

"I don't know where to go at all... everything is destroyed, everything is broken." Bushlanova said.

"If they provided me with a living place I would leave today. But like this – where to go?"

Bushlanova says her home no longer has a roof or windows.

Russian forces fired rockets at the encircled Azovstal steel works in the city and smoke darkened the sky above the plant, where officials say 200 civilians are still trapped despite evacuations.

The attack followed a UN-brokered ceasefire around the Soviet-era steel complex that allowed several groups of civilians to escape the last holdout of Ukrainian fighters in the southern port in recent days.

More civilians were trapped in bunkers and tunnels under the complex and some 100,000 remained in the rest of the city, mayor Vadym Boychenko said on Tuesday (May 3).

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