Marissa Dania hints at good relationship with sister wife Misya Mazlan

15 Apr - Abby Abadi and Norman Hakim's controversial 18-year-old daughter Marissa Dania is denying the notion that she and sister wife, Umisya Mazlan are in conflict with one another.

The model, who eloped with Misya's husband Aslam late last year and tied the knot in Songkhla, Thailand, recently shared a photo on Instagram Story of her and Aslam's first wife, writing, "Some assumption needs clarification, right?"

The said photo was the latest in the development of Marissa mending ties with the people affected by her marriage to Aslam. Last week, she was seen meeting with mum Abby Abadi, who had previously expressed her sadness over her daughter's decision to elope.

In a previous post, Misya shared a photo of her and Aslam during Eid, and said that she decided to share the photo as a way to deny rumours that they have ended their marriage.

"Yes. We are still together... I am sharing this as a memory, and in order to avoid slander, I am uploading our Eid photo taken during the first day," she posted.

Umisya shared a photo of her with Aslam
Umisya shared a photo of her with Aslam

(Photo Source: Umisya IG, Harian Metro)