Mario vs. Donkey Kong coming to Nintendo Switch with all-new puzzles

 Donkey Kong looking at Mario toy
Donkey Kong looking at Mario toy

The newest Nintendo Direct has already excited fans with the news that Mario vs. Donkey Kong is coming gearing up for release.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong was originally released in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance. This puzzle platformer sees Mario go head-to-head with the iconic Nintendo character Donkey Kong. Enraged by the lack of mini-Mario toys, Kong is sent into a fury as he ambushes the toads at the toy warehouse and steals all the remaining mini-Marios. After this, Mario must step in and chase down Kong and rescue these lost toys.

Each stage will have various traps and challenges for players to overcome; observation and thoughtful actions are crucial for players to progress. The trailer showcased some next-level thinking that Mario will have to deploy. However, this style of play isn't foreign to Mario fans, with recent titles like Mario Maker showcasing just how creative and imaginative players can be.

While all of the levels showcased in the short trailer looked familiar, being set in green grasslands or fiery hot lava levels, there are a few features that are new and eye-catching. Each level is covered in new features that players can use to navigate each puzzle. There are ropes, presents, and monkeys with conveniently long tails which can be used while traversing long gaps.

Players can also deploy hand-stands and back flips to traverse the environment with more skill. As long as you collect every key in each map, it doesn't matter how you choose to use your skills or the surroundings.

However, in this updated version of the game, you can also enjoy Mario vs. Donkey Kong in local co-op and face all these puzzles together.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong launches on September 16, 2023, on the Nintendo Switch, with pre-orders available on the Nintendo eShop shortly after this current Nintendo Direct.