New Mario Kart-style board game swaps plumbers for fantasy monsters

 Dungeon Kart box on a race course
Dungeon Kart box on a race course

The latest board game from Brotherwise is probably the closest you'll get to Mario Kart on tabletop any time soon.

Called 'Dungeon Kart,' its inspiration is clear; you'll use items found in Mario Kart-style multicolored cubes, collect coins from around the course, and control racers with cartoon designs. The board game even uses an art-style reminiscent of instruction booklets for Mario Kart 64 and, if you want a deeper cut, Stunt Race FX on the SNES. The main difference is that it uses characters from fantasy (and previous Brotherwise releases, for that matter) along with tropes from old-school RPGs for flavor. You can drop zombies onto the course to snare up your rivals, for example, and the 'items' are spells from a spellbook.

The idea certainly seems to be a hit; the Mario Kart-esque project just started its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, but has already earned four times its goal in pledges.

Dungeon Kart isn't the first time Brotherwise has taken its cue from video games. The studio is also responsible for Boss Monster (one of the best card games, if you ask us) which was modeled after 16-bit SNES titles. Overboss, a top-down tile-laying board game that looks as if it's been taken from Link to the Past or Secret of Evermore, is also in their library.

Dungeon Kart's Kickstarter campaign will last until September 8, and will apparently arrive by this time next year.

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