Mariners pitched suspended 10 games under 'stickygate' crackdown

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Seattle Mariners pitcher Hector Santiago has been suspended for 10 games after being ejected under Major League Baseball's crackdown on illegal substances

Seattle Mariners pitcher Hector Santiago has been given a 10-game suspension and an undisclosed fine as part of Major League Baseball's crackdown on illegal substances, the league said Tuesday.

Santiago was ejected from Sunday's road game against the Chicago White Sox after umpires discovered a "foreign substance" on his glove.

The league said in a statement that Santiago had appealed against the suspension, meaning he is free to play until the process has been completed.

Santiago denied wrongdoing, claiming the only substances on the glove were sweat and rosin, a powder that pitchers are allowed to use under MLB rules in order to get a better grip.

Santiago's ejection marked the first time a player has been thrown out of a game since MLB unveiled new rules designed to deter pitchers from altering the condition of baseballs by applying foreign substances.

The use of sticky substances by pitchers -- dubbed 'stickygate' -- has come under the microscope since the start of the season as batting averages have plummeted and strikeout rates have soared.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said the new rules were necessary to level the playing field after an investigation found widespread use of foreign substances to alter the condition of the ball.

The crackdown has been criticized by players across the league, while some pitchers have reacted angrily during checks of their gloves by game officials.


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