Marine Life Returns to Milan Canals as Coronavirus Shuts Down Tourism

Although COVID-19 has devastated Italy – where casualties on March 19 surpassed China’s – some residents are taking a little solace in the positive effect the lockdown is having on the environment, including the return of fish and waterfowl to Milan.

Giovanni Contrada was out for a walk in Milan when he recorded footage of the clear water running through the Naviglio Grande canal on March 17.

“Look at all the fish that have come back. How amazing is this,” Contrada says as he pans the camera down to show small fish swimming beneath the water’s surface.

A moment later, the camera pans back up to show two ducks swimming by as Contrada says, “Look at that. Hi, duckie.”

Contrada is not the only one noticing the return of wildlife to Italy’s waters, with people spotting a dolphin in Cagliari, ducks in a fountain in Rome, and swans and fish in Venice. Credit: Giovanni Contrada via Storyful