Marie Antoinette's jewels go up for auction

Queen Marie Antoinette's jewels are going up for sale

LOCATION: Geneva, Switzerland

The bracelets hold together 112 diamonds

Auction house Christie’s estimates they will fetch up to $4 million

(SOUNDBITE) (English) HEAD OF CHRISTIE'S JEWELLERY DEPARTMENT IN GENEVA, MAX FAWCETT, SAYING:“To find jewels with over 200 years of French royal history, is truly something that collectors and passionate jewelry people from all over the world will be keeping an eye on and something we are incredibly excited to be offering at Christies next Tuesday. Price wise, I don’t think you could put a price on history. How much is someone willing to pay for something from the last queen of France? We have seen the results before from things sold by Marie Antoinette, that there really is no limit to how high these can go and I’m expecting fireworks on Tuesday the 9th.”

(SOUNDBITE) (English) HEAD OF CHRISTIE'S JEWELRY DEPARTMENT IN GENEVA, MAX FAWCETT, SAYING:“I think given the rarity of historic jewels; provenance is one of the key points in that collectors are looking for around the world. Whether that’s Marie Antoinette, whether that has Indian royal provenance. A few years ago, we sold the Grand Mazarin diamond which was originally also in the French crown jewels and later sold at 1887 in that famous sale. So, it’s jewels with provenance, and especially royal provenance that collectors are looking for and something that we very, very rarely see and more importantly, can very rarely trace.”

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