Marie Antoinette's furniture heading to auction

STORY: Furniture once owned by Marie Antoinette is heading to auction

Locator: Paris, France

This 250-year-old chest of drawers

was made for the queen-to-be

when she arrived in France as a 15-year-old

It’s worth up to an estimated $1.25 million

This chair was the last royal order placed by the queen

before she was overthrown during

the French Revolution and later executed

It could be worth up to $208,000

Auction house Christie’s says the pieces

have significance beyond their royal connection

(Simon de Monicault, Christie's France vice president)

“One, because it has original decorations and is made of unusual materials, metal is very unusual for a cabinet, and the other because it has original decorations. So, even if you forget this is a testimony of Marie Antoinette’s taste, they are exceptional works of art.”

Both items head to the auction block on November 22 in Paris