Mariah Carey Proved Mermaidcore Is Forever With Her 55th Anniversary Gown

"I have anniversaries, not birthdays, because I celebrate life, darling."

<p>Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic</p>

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

It's time to have a party, so open that Bacardi. Today marks Mariah Carey's 55th birthday, though the superstar songstress won't ever say that's what she's celebrating. However, she did bless our feeds with a birthday-appropriate post to celebrate what she refers to as anniversaries. Carey's latest Instagram carousel shows her in a shimmering, aqua-blue gown as she lounges on the beach. It could be a reference to one of her favorite films, Disney's The Little Mermaid, or it could just be a reminder that mermaidcore, with its focus on ocean vibes, shimmering sequins, and laid-back glamour, is here to stay.



"327 vibes 🌊☀️🎉," she wrote alongside the images, referencing today's date. In addition to the show-stopping gown — think: the final moments of Disney's animated classic, when Ariel transforms into a human thanks to her father, King Triton — Carey showed off a high ponytail with gentle waves and her signature sultry, smoky eye makeup. Her go-to accessories, like her Van Cleef & Arpels butterfly ring and other diamond jewelry, were present and accounted for.

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For anyone who is wondering why Carey prefers anniversaries to birthdays, it's been a topic of conversation she's been fielding for over a decade.

"I don’t count years, but I definitely rebuke them," she told The Observer in 2014. "I have anniversaries, not birthdays, because I celebrate life, darling. I decided to do that. And I’ve noticed that people who decide not to have birthdays, they just don’t have them."

Even before that, in an Out Magazine interview, the diva explained that she feels "eternally 12 years old" and celebrates the anniversary of her 12th birthday every year.

"As a kid I literally made this pact," she said. "There had been some sort of argument with my mom and the man she was dating at the time, and somehow I became a part of it — I was around 8 or 9 years old, and I said, 'I'm never going to forget how it feels to be a kid, and you can't be seen or heard.' It's as though your opinion doesn't mean anything, or your feelings are not real."

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