'March Beside Us': Actress Keke Palmer Makes Plea to National Guardsmen During Hollywood Protest

Actress Keke Palmer made a passionate plea to National Guard soldiers in Los Angeles during a protest on June 2, to “march with us.”

Palmer, who was participating in a Black Lives Matter protest on Sunset Boulevard, can be heard telling a contingent of National Guard members, “March beside us. Let the revolution be televised, march beside us and show us that you’re here for us. Make history with us.”

Local journalist Sophia Lee captured footage of the incident before posting it on Twitter. The footage later shows a number of National Guard soldiers taking a knee alongside protesters.

Lee told Storyful, “I saw a group surrounding a National Guardsman, exhorting him to join them in the march. One of the National Guard soldiers started kneeling, and then another two kneeled.”

She added, “One stood up and told the others at the back to join them, and they all kneeled. The crowd cheered, and said ‘Thank you.’”

A Time Magazine report on the incident noted that while the soldiers took the knee, the fact that they didn’t march alongside Palmer led to her commenting "I don’t know, that ain’t enough for me.” Credit: Sophia Lee via Storyful