This Marbled Taper Candle Trick Is Mesmerizing to Watch

Kelly Allen
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Photo credit: @spanglishfashion/tiktok
Photo credit: @spanglishfashion/tiktok

From House Beautiful

Taper candles are having a moment right now—from Bobby Berk’s twisty hack that’s Martha Stewart–approved to people’s obsession with molding the candles into funky shapes on TikTok. Yet another fun taper candle DIY is going around, and it involves making white candles look like marble by using the smoke from a flame.

All you need are white taper candles, candle holders, and a lighter or matches to do it. Start by lighting a candle. Once the wick has burned for a while and is long, twist another candle through the flame. The black smoke from the flame will leave marks on the white candle to create a marble effect.

The process is simple and mesmerizing to watch. Other light-colored candles, like a pink or purple, would likely work for this hack, too. In any case, it can make a dollar-store taper candle look high-end. The only downside, as some commenters pointed out, is the realization that the candles aren’t exactly healthy to burn. Taking that into consideration, the candles could be dedicated decor pieces once they’re marbleized and remain unlit from then on. Sometimes, you can’t have it all!

If you’re only into buying candles that won’t leave a harsh smoke, you could try to make them look like marble by smearing black marker on it or maybe even using spray paint. Get creative with alternatives! And make a TikTok of it while you're at it.

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