Marathon Runner Deliberately Avoids Kids Running onto the Course to Cheer Her On: 'We're More Than Mothers'

Commenters applauded the mom for sticking to her goal and questioned the dad's confused reaction to the now-viral moment

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of group of people running a marathon.


Stock image of group of people running a marathon.

One mom is demonstrating the importance of prioritizing yourself.

In a now-viral TikTok video, which has amassed over 11.7 million views and 26 thousand comments, Luciana Grandi Lourenção is captured sprinting downhill through a marathon finish line.

As the runner approaches her mark, leading the race, a man identified as her husband, per MetroUK, cheers her on from the sidelines with their two children. At one point, her husband encourages the two daughters to run up to their approaching mom and give her a high-five.

However, much to everyone's surprise, Lourenção deliberately avoids them. Instead, she charges through the finish line, celebrating with cheers of self-encouragement once she crosses.

In the background, the husband is seen throwing his arms up in frustration. Commenters got a lot out of the moment, with many relating it to times when their interests outside of motherhood were diminished by a partner or family member.

"This is a reallllly good example of the subtle way that some husbands treat their wives serious commitments outside of family life, like a joke or not serious, or just 'for fun,'" one person wrote.

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<p>Getty</p> Stock photo of woman running marathon.


Stock photo of woman running marathon.

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One user wrote about watching the video over and over again, trying to understand the husband's thought process at that moment.

"It’s that fact he is putting his shoulders up like he does not know what just happened!" another person commented.

"How did that make sense to him?" another asked, adding, "She’s about to finish, someone’s behind her, she’s being timed…wait like 30 more seconds..wasn’t that obvious?"

Someone else replied, "The fact that they could’ve been on the other side of the finish line hugging her to celebrate this win. Wild."

Carlina Teteris/Getty Images Stock image of woman Jogging at Sunset
Carlina Teteris/Getty Images Stock image of woman Jogging at Sunset

PEOPLE has reached out to Grandi Lourenção for comment.

Many commenters were other moms who praised the marathon runner for putting herself first. One user commented, "And this is what women mean when they say they’re a human being NOT JUST A MOM!!! Her time to shine! Good job!"

"As she should!!!" a fellow mom commented. "What a huge accomplishment for her. For ONCE can we NOT interrupt a mom and let her have her darn deserved MOMENT!"

"She showed her daughters in that moment, how to be strong, independent, and amazing 💜
Go, girl!!!!" another person replied.

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