Marantz’s new retro AV receiver is the perfect slim size for my small apartment

 Marantz Stereo 70S
Marantz Stereo 70S

Marantz has been in the luxury audio business for 70 years, and its latest stereo receiver wouldn't look out of place in a 70s sound system. But behind that classic design there's some cutting-edge tech that Marantz says delivers "the most musical sound" from an amp that punches way above its size. And with excellent timing, they've chosen our Home Theater week to announce it.

The new Marantz STEREO 70s is serious about its sound, with hyper-dynamic amplifier models that Marantz says dramatically outperform traditional chip-based op-amps and that deliver the full power and quality of a full-size amps. It's just 11cm tall, making it much smaller than the best AV receivers we've tested and enabling it to fit in spaces conventionally sized components can't.

Marantz STEREO 70S: key features

There are six HDMI inputs here, three of which are 8K compatible, and an HDMI out with ARC. There's support built-in for key audio services including Spotify Connect, Amazon Music HD, Airplay, Bluetooth, Tidal and Tunein, and the receiver supports 192kHz 24-bit digital audio and DSD files. It also has a DAB/FM tuner, AirPlay 2 support and HEOS tech for connecting to and streaming from other HEOS devices.

Round the back you'll see every conceivable kind of connector including phono, digital and multiform as well as four speaker terminals with speaker A/B and twin subwoofer outputs. The two-channel class A/B amp puts out 75W and you can control it with the supplied remote, via the accompanying app or via the web.

It's a beautiful looking thing and it'll no doubt sound beautiful too. The STEREO 70S is available now for £900 / €1,000 in a choice of either black or silver gold.

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