Mara Teigen opens up about postpartum depression: 'Hitting me harder this time'

The partner of Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane took to Instagram with a candid note on mental health.

Mara Teigen is opening up about postpartum depression after three kids. (Instagram/@marateigan)
Mara Teigen is opening up about postpartum depression after having three kids. (Instagram/@marateigan)

Mara Teigen is sharing more about her personal life with her followers.

Over the weekend, the partner of Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane took to Instagram with a reel featuring clips of herself and her three young kids. Teigan and Kane share five-year-old daughter Kensington, one-year-old son Iverson, and newborn son Hendrix.

Teigen paired the clips with a candid caption on her mental health.

"Postpartum depression is so real," the model and influencer began, adding she wishes people talked about it more openly.

"I find that it is hitting me harder this time, and to be honest the depression started while I was pregnant with Hendrix," Teigen admitted.

"Every time I look at my babies I completely forget about the hard things we go through. They are so worth every struggle. It's when they go to sleep, or they are not next to me when the depression kicks in."

She encouraged fellow moms that they're not alone, and added it's "so important" to talk about it with loved ones and partners.

"Please don’t be ashamed. It is very common and a lot of moms are going through it, just maybe not expressing the tough parts," Teigen claimed. She then explained she's realized her depression is not a reflection of how she really feels, but rather just a hormonal response.

The mom-of-three shared some tips that have helped her manage symptoms. Among others, some methods include being open about her mental health with her boyfriend, confiding in fellow mom friends and being present with her children.

She acknowledged "this is all easier said than done," but hopes that her message helps at least someone.

"Despite what you might see on social media, being a mom is one of the hardest changes mentally and emotionally. But, it's also the most rewarding," Teigen said.

Not everyday will be perfect. Don't be afraid to ask for help.Mara Teigen

Her followers praised the Nevada-native for showing vulnerability.

"You're doing amazing. Thanks for sharing and being authentic," one Instagram user commented.

"With three young ones it's so important to share not just the highs of mommyhood. There is so many highs and amazing moments but just as there is highs there is lows too and it is so important to share those lows, to normalize those lows!," another fan added.

"They are part of motherhood too. Feeling those feelings aren't always nice or wanted but it's important! So thank you for sharing and normalizing the lows motherhood is one of the more amazing jobs but also one of the most hardest job out there!," they continued.

Another pointed out the issue is "very real and common," in the comments. "I also found it to be harder after my second baby. Thank you for sharing, it's definitely something all us mamas can relate to."

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