Mapped: How the 2024 general election compares to 2019

Mapping the change in seats from the 2019 general election to today paints a damning picture for the Conservative Party.

Analysis by The Independent shows how the sea of Conservative blue, when the party won 365 seats under Boris Johnson, dwarfs all other parties.

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It also reveals the extent of the SNP’s dominance in Scotland and the sheer scale of the defeat for Labour under Jeremy Corbyn.

But, despite only a slight uptick in the party’s share of the vote under Sir Keir Starmer, 2024’s election map is awash with Labour red.

Readers can toggle between the 2019 and 2024 results using the tool below.

It reveals the shock SNP collapse, with the nationalists falling from 48 seats in 2019 to 9 today.

And it shows a resurgent Liberal Democrat party, with Sir Ed Davey’s party storming to its best election result in a century.

Thursday’s national ballot also led to historic gains for the Greens and Nigel Farage’s Reform UK, and saw victories by pro-Gaza independent candidates, among them ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – dealing blows to some of Westminster’s most prominent MPs.

Reform gained the highest amount of national vote share, up by 12.3 per cent from when the Brexit Party ran in 2019. However, Nigel Farage’s party has won only 5 seats.

Meanwhile the Tories have lost 20 per cent of national vote share — nearly half of their 2019 supporters.

Mr Sunak easily won his Richmond and Northallerton seat with 48 per cent of the vote, despite some of the polls predicting otherwise, but conceded defeat from the platform, confirming that he had already called Sir Keir to offer his congratulations.

He told Tory members and candidates: “I am sorry.”

Sir Keir told activists in central London: “This is what it is, for a changed Labour Party ready to restore service for working people.

“Across our country, people will be waking up relieved. Now we can look forward to the morning. The sunlight will be shining strongly through the day in a country which, after 14 years, has an opportunity to get its future back.”