Maori leaders say time is right for indigenous PM

STORY: "The season is now. It's actually ripe for fresh leadership to come in with indigenous leadership at the fore," said Raewyn Bahna of Aotearoa Family Violence Family Network, adding that a Maori PM "could take on and take us to another level where equality and a parallel process for everybody, for diversity, can actually now be in our country."

Ardern said on Thursday (January 19) she had "no more in the tank" to continue leading the country, and would step down no later than early February and not seek re-election.

"This resignation has now placed everybody on a level playing field which means that those minor parties that are looking for support now have that opportunity because everything was leaning towards National, a right-wing government in this years election," said Director of Whanau Ora Community Clinic, George Ngatai.