The Many Dragons of ‘House of the Dragon’: A Handy Guide

Photo Illustration by Erin O’Flynn/The Daily Beast/HBO
Photo Illustration by Erin O’Flynn/The Daily Beast/HBO

There are many reasons to love House of the Dragon, just as there was with Game of Thrones: the crackling dialogue, throne-room melodrama, wanton sex scenes… But these aren’t attributes exclusive to House of the Dragon.

The latest Westerosi drama does have something that no other prestige show can boast, however: Dragons. Unlike its predecessor—Thrones had just three of the wondrous beasts roaming the sky—House of the Dragon boasts, in theory, 20 or so dragons across the Greens and the Blacks. The show has done an admirable job of differentiating the creatures, but it’s still a tough ask for viewers to tell them apart.

So we’ve created a nifty guide here at The Daily Beast’s Obsessed, covering every dragon either patrolling the skies or skulking in the Dragonpit, so you can tell your Seasmoke from your Moondancer. Here is an explainer on every dragon in the world of House of the Dragon: their whereabouts, history, riders, and markings, all available for your perusal. It should be noted that some dragons from George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood may be left out of the show, at least thus far, but we’ve got them covered anyway in case they make an appearance.

The Dragons of Aegon II


Vhagar is the most easily recognizable dragon in the show, in part due to their sheer size. One of the three dragons to take part in Aegon’s Conquest, Vhagar is initially ridden by Aegon’s sister/wife Queen Visenya, and would later be ridden by Baelon the Brave (father to Viserys and Daemon), Laena Velaryon, and everyone’s favorite one-eyed psycho, Prince Aemond Targaryen.

Vhagar is currently at King’s Landing, keeping the city safe, but given Aemond’s desire to strike out it seems likely the show will move the oldest living dragon to war sometime soon.

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Described in Fire and Blood as the most beautiful dragon in the known world, Aegon II’s dragon has yet to make an appearance in House of the Dragon. Currently stationed in King’s Landing, Sunfyre’s golden scales and pale pink wings will no doubt show up sooner rather than later.


Hatched around 70 years before the start of the events in House of the Dragon, Dreamfyre was originally ridden by King Jaehaerys’ sister, Princess Rhaena. Dreamfyre now is mounted by our favorite enduring mystery, Queen Helaena Targaryen, although whether she’s up to riding a dragon to war right now seems wholly unlikely. Likely knocking about the Dragonpit in King’s Landing with the rest of the Greens dragons, Dreamfyre is distinguished for her pale blue markings and silver-crested horns.

Dragon from House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon


It’s not clear whether Tessarion exists in House of the Dragon, and the chances of seeing them seem slim. Claimed by Prince Daeron Targaryen who we now know is currently residing in Oldtown, it remains to be seen whether his dragon, nicknamed The Blue Queen, is with him.

Morghul & Shrykos

These two dragons can be bunched together for two reasons. Firstly, they were claimed by the now-deceased Prince Jaehaerys and his twin-sister, Princess Jaehaera. Secondly, neither have, to this point, even reached the size necessary to be ridden. Both dragons feel like they’ll likely be shifted out of the story, but even if they’re not, they’re not big enough to have any real impact on the show.

The Dragons of Queen Rhaenyra


Syrax has only ever been ridden by the True Queen of Westeros, Rhaenyra Targaryen. Notable for their golden-brown scales and wings, Syrax is one of the more formidable dragons at the Blacks disposal. They currently dwell at Dragonstone with Rhaenyra.


Caraxes is the most formidable dragon in Westeros, bar Vhagar, and the one most closely linked with their rider. Caraxes, also known as the Blood Wyrm, due to its lean red body, was previously ridden by Aemon, a son of Jaehaerys and Alysanne, before being claimed by the Rogue Prince himself, Daemon Targaryen. Much like their rider, Caraxes is fearsome, bloodthirsty, and utterly fearless in battle. As we saw in “The Burning Mill,” Caraxes is currently at Harrenhal with Daemon, and will be a major linchpin in the Riverlands moving forward.

Dragon from House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon



Fresh off their journey to the North, Vermax is the mount of Prince Jacaerys Velaryon, Rhaenyra’s eldest son and heir. Vermax isn’t a dragon we’ve seen a huge amount of in the show, but given their rider, it’s safe to say they’ll become more prominent as the war progresses. Currently, they reside on Dragonstone.

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Along with their rider, the Prince Lucerys, Arrax was the first casualty of the conflict that would become known as the Dance of the Dragons. If their death, along with that of Lucerys wasn’t poignant enough, it’s hinted in Fire and Blood that Arrax (along with Vermax and Tyraxes) was hatched from eggs produced by Syrax, the dragon of Lucerys’ mother, Rhaenyra.


The latest episode of House of the Dragon, “The Burning Mill,” saw Rhaenyra send her younger children away to both the Vale of Arryn and Pentos across the Narrow Sea. One of those children, Joffrey Velaryon, will travel to the Vale with his dragon Tyraxes, in exchange for the Vale’s military support in the coming conflict.

Dragon from House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon



The dragon of Aegon the Younger—eldest child of Rhaenyra and Daemon—is not yet large enough to mount, but has been dispatched with Rhaena to the Vale of Arryn along with the younger children in the Blacks royal family. In the books, Aegon and his younger brother, Viserys, continue by boat from the Vale to Pentos, but it remains unclear exactly how that will shake out in the show.


Otherwise known as the Red Queen, Meleys is the mount of the Queen Who Never Was, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen. Ridden previously by Princess Alyssa Targaryen, Meleys is perhaps second only to Sunfyre when it comes to splendor, with scales of scarlet and wings of pink membrane. Earlier in her life, Meleys was known as one of the faster dragons, but has since developed into a lazy beast—though one that can be vicious when roused. Meleys is currently stationed at Dragonstone, where they patrol the Gullet to maintain the blockade of Blackwater Bay and King’s Landing.


House of the Dragon viewers got a great look at Moondancer in “The Burning Mill,” as the dragon gave Criston Cole and Gwayne Hightower a fright. Ridden by Baela Targaryen, Moondancer isn’t the largest or most formidable of dragons, but Baela has demonstrated she isn’t afraid of getting the beast involved in a skirmish. With Caraxes in the Riverlands, Moondancer will continue to patrol the skies of the Crownlands, King’s Landing and the Gullet.


One of three dragons on Dragonstone that have yet to be claimed since losing their rider. Silverwing was the mount of Good Queen Alysanne, wife to King Jaehaerys the Conciliator. They are considered much more docile compared to their peers, but given their age and size, they could still be a formidable weapon for the Blacks if a rider claims them. Silverwing is currently nesting on Dragonstone.

Dragon from House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon



Riderless since Laenor Velaryon eloped with his lover in Season 1, Seasmoke was seen in “The Burning Mill” during one of the show's more poignant scenes. A lonely beast, waiting for a new rider to claim them, Seasmoke has made his lair on Dragonstone.


Around 100 years old at the current point in the show, Vermithor was the mount of King Jaehaerys throughout his reign. Bronze scaled and fearsome in size, Vermithor is currently nesting with Silverwing on Dragonstone, waiting to be claimed by a rider brave enough.

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The Wild Dragons


The first of three wild dragons that reside on Dragonstone, none of which have ever been claimed. Sheepstealer is a dragon the color of mud, that gained their name, unsurprisingly, due to its habit of gorging on sheep. Not known for being overly aggressive towards humans, Sheepstealer is still described as being a vicious beast when provoked.

Grey Ghost

The second wild dragon residing on Dragonstone is maybe the most enigmatic in the known world. With their pale gray coloring, the Grey Ghost steers clear of people, regularly losing themselves in the mists and clouds that surround the Targaryen stronghold. Grey Ghost is only ever really seen when they swoop low over the water to snatch fish.

The Cannibal

The oldest and largest of the wild dragons, The Cannibal is basically the stuff of nightmares. They earned their sobriquet due to their tendency to eat dead dragons, hatchlings and dragon eggs… yeah. Huge, black scales and ultra-aggressive, The Cannibal has marked their territory on Dragonstone, and probably isn’t a beast to be disturbed.

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