Shoppers are calling this portable air conditioner a 'lifesaver' for summer— and it's on sale for $55

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Amazon shoppers are using this portable air conditioner to stay cool this summer (Image via Getty Images)
Amazon shoppers are using this portable air conditioner to stay cool this summer (Image via Getty Images)

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 Even though we've been waiting patiently all year for the warmer weather to finally arrive, Canadian summers can be uncomfortably hot — especially if you don't have air conditioning. 

Summer temperatures increase the risk of heat stroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration — and the most at-risk people for heat stroke are seniors and people with chronic conditions who live alone and don't have air conditioning, which is still the best way to prevent heat-related illnesses or deaths. That means having some kind of air conditioning is more than just a luxury.

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 Although central air may not be feasible for everyone, a portable air conditioning unit can help decrease the risk of over-heating and provide a more comfortable environment for your loved ones. 

Amazon Canada shoppers are already investing in is the Manwe Portable Air Cooler, on sale for $55. 

Manwe Portable Air Cooler

Manwe Portable Air Cooler - Amazon.
Manwe Portable Air Cooler - Amazon.

SHOP IT: Amazon, $55 (originally $58)

What is it?

Manwe's Portable Air Cooler is a 4-in-1 personal use air conditioner, desk fan, humidifier and purifier with the capacity to hold 440ml of water. The unit features three different fan modes and fan speeds and a USB port to connect and charge to devices like your laptop or adapter for any outlet. 

What people are saying

Manwe's lightweight air conditioner currently has a 3.7-star rating. Although it doesn't use any chemicals to cool the air like an air conditioner, it can help make your living space more comfortable during the summer heat. 

'Works like a charm for my baby's room'

"The fan is not too noisy and the wind flow is seamless. Has two features natural and cold wind mode," one Amazon shopper wrote.

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Some shoppers experiencing the summer's intense heat have called this air conditioner a "lifesaver" for those without central air. One shopper said with no access to fans or portable units in store, this Amazon unit was the next best thing. 

"I tried to buy from local stores but they were all sold out of fans and air coolers! So I ordered this on Monday and I got it on Wednesday morning just when I needed it!" one shopper wrote. "The heat was quite unbearable in my house and I was dehydrated and this arrived at the right time to save me!"

'Lovely small cooler'

"I use it in my kitchen when I cooking and really make nice atmosphere near me," another wrote, adding that they like to put ice in their unit to cool off. "A really lovely small cooler; it has three speeds and it's useful."

Given its size, some shoppers have noted that it's a "small" unit that "best on smaller rooms than large rooms." While shoppers have said they've taken their portable fan camping or with them to the beach, others have noted that since it's a personal use cooler, you have to be near the fan to cool off. 


If you're looking for a portable air conditioner to keep at your desk, near your bed, or next to you while you watch TV, Manwe's model might just be for you. 

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This personal use air conditioner isn't strong enough to cool down a large room or area, but is a helpful solution for anyone looking for an affordable way to keep cool this summer. 

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