Man's Date Gets Mad When He Refuses to Put Dog Outside During Dinner: 'She's My Family'

The man shared more about the situation on Reddit's "Am I the A--hole" subreddit

<p>SolStock/Getty</p> Stock image of a dog sitting under a table.


Stock image of a dog sitting under a table.

A dog owner is reflecting on his recent date and pinpointing exactly when things went wrong.

On Reddit's "Am I the A--hole" subreddit, a 51-year-old man shared insights into his date with a 46-year-old guy he'd been communicating with on Facebook. The man described how they had been "getting along well," sharing common interests and exchanging flirtatious messages.

"I invited him over, cooked a meal for him, and when he arrived, the vibe was slightly awkward but okay," the man wrote on Reddit.

During the meal, the date asked the original poster why he hadn't put his dog outside, although later admitting he wasn't allergic.

"My dog is my family. My life. She loves it when people come over and is really friendly but unobtrusive," he wrote. "It was cold out, not freezing, but I didn’t see any reason for my dog to be outside."

In response, the man told his date that his dog was okay where she was.

“Well, I’m not okay," the original poster says of his date's response. "In an impulse reaction, I just said 'Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,' and he laughed. Then I added, 'I’m serious, this isn’t really working for me anyway,' and he left. He has since bombarded me with texts telling me I’m a terrible person."

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<p>Westend61/Getty</p> Stock image of australian shepherd sitting on hardwood floor at home.


Stock image of australian shepherd sitting on hardwood floor at home.

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Since posting on Reddit, the man has received feedback from people offering advice on what they would do if they were in a similar situation.

"I mean, it just sounds like you're incompatible. I wouldn't necessarily call him an 'ah' as I'd need more info, but to go to someone's house and demand they put their dog outside is just weird," one person replied.

"I would kick someone out if they demanded I put my dog outside too, but then I'd never invite someone over who wasn't aware I had a dog or that would want my dog removed in any case," they added.

The man replied to the comment, saying his date knew he had a dog,

"He knew I had a dog. She’s all over my Facebook. He has ‘liked’ posts that she’s in. The ‘in your face’ part is just an exuberant, over-friendly greeting. Not remotely threatening," he said. "She’s just a super sweet dog."

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