What Is Manifesting and How to Make It Work for You, According to an Astrologer

Astrologist Lisa Stardust gives the rundown on manifestation and how you can make it work for yourself

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Manifesting is a concept that has gotten quite popular in recent years.

It can be a powerful tool for those seeking to improve their lives or cultivate a new sense of being. Manifesting allows you to set intentions or affirmations and gives you the means to focus your energy on your passions and bring them to actuality. The concept of manifesting is that you can make your visions a reality — no matter how small or lofty.

To make your manifestations even more feasible, you can incorporate elements of the cosmos as well. Astrology can be a powerful tool for manifesting and turning our desires into something tangible. The stars and planets can be excellent aids, as they align you with the cosmic forces and revitalize your thoughts.

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The planetary rulers of each weekday can also hold a unique energetic vibration that may align with your intentions and support your manifestations. Additionally, the four primary lunar phases offer an opportunity to tap into the moon's energy and draw upon its power to bring our passions to life.

Before we do a deep dive into manifestation and astrology, let's start with the basics.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is attracting and bringing anything you desire into your life by believing in its possibility. It's not just about having faith in your ability to achieve your goals or desires but also taking the necessary steps to make them a reality. While positive thinking is essential, putting in the effort is equally crucial in making your aspirations come true.

How do you start manifesting?

When it comes to manifestation, the more specific you are, the greater the chances of turning your expectations into reality. If you're manifesting a raise, for example, before you meet with your manager, jot down the precise amount you expect to see on your paycheck and consider discussing whether this raise is tied to a promotion or title change. You have to be concise and straightforward about your goals because to achieve what you want, clarity is critical.

What is an intention when you're manifesting?

An intention is the belief or statement that you are willing to come into existence. Going back to the example above, the intention there is to get a raise, so that's what you'll be manifesting.

What can you manifest?

Anything is possible if you have faith in yourself and your actions. You can manifest love, money, success, fame, fortune, happiness, family, and even a vacation. All it takes is a strong belief in yourself and your abilities.

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How do I know my manifestation is working?

Only time will tell. You can utilize the lunar cycles (more on that below) to evaluate and modify your ongoing projects. You may be headed in the right direction but need to take a few detours and alternate routes to reach your destination. Additionally, after achieving your objective, you may want to pursue additional goals. So, be open to new opportunities and follow your intuition.

How can I use manifestation and astrology together?

Manifesting and astrology can work in conjunction in the sense that there are astrological elements you can tap into to help boost your intentions. Utilizing the days of the week, for example, is one way to align the cosmos with your manifestations.

Each day is associated with a planet that aligns with it. Sunday is governed by the sun, which signifies that it's a perfect time to engage in activities that boost your self-esteem and confidence. The moon rules Monday, and it's an ideal day to indulge in contemplation and reflection to connect with your emotions.

Tuesday is governed by the planet Mars, meaning it's a great day to take action toward your goals, and Wednesday is Mercury’s time to shine, which means communication is critical, making it an ideal day to express your desires vocally.

Thursday is Jupiter's day, and it's the perfect moment to bring abundance and opportunity into your life. Venus governs Friday and it's an ideal day to attract love, prosperity, money and overall good vibes. Saturday is run by Saturn, allowing you to focus on how to excel at work and bring positivity into your life.

How can I use the moon phases for manifesting?

Utilizing lunar phases is also another way to incorporate astrology into manifesting. Although there are eight lunar phases, we only use the four major ones — new moon, first quarter moon, full moon and the last quarter moon — to manifest because they are the most potent energies in operation. 

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How to manifest during the new moon

A new moon occurs at the beginning of the lunar cycle. This is a great time to ignite the spark within and fully acknowledge the dream you want to bring to life. Setting intentions through meditation is a powerful tool to align your thoughts and emotions with your desires during this moon phase. The more you focus on what you want, the clearer it becomes and the easier it is to take the necessary steps towards achieving it.

The new moon phase is also a great time to create a vision board, either physically or virtually. Add motivational quotes and images that align with your aspirations. Looking at these images throughout the day can help remind you of what you're working towards and stay motivated.

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How to manifest during the first quarter moon

The first quarter moon is a time to implement the changes you brought into your life during the new moon phase. It sets the ideas in motion and enhances one's belief because seeing positive changes in oneself can be motivation to keep going.

Maintaining focus can be challenging, especially when there doesn't seem to be any progress. However, setting specific goals and tracking your progress by journaling can help you stay motivated. Additionally, journaling can also help you reflect on your experiences and emotions and can provide valuable insights into yourself and your personal growth.

How to manifesting during the full moon

The full moon is an auspicious time as the moon is at its fullest potential, providing an opportunity to harness its energy and work towards achieving our goals.

For those who use crystals, this would be the ideal time to charge them, as crystals can serve as beneficial tools for manifesting specific energies. For instance, rose quartz is known for attracting love and improving self-esteem. By charging it under a full moon, the crystal becomes more energized and potent for bringing these elements into our lives.

Taking baths during the full moon can also be invigorating since they can help us cleanse ourselves of negativity and obstacles that hinder us from reaching our personal goals. To enhance your bath experience, use Epsom salt and fresh flowers like roses, lavender, or mint, and soak away the things holding you back. (If you don't have a bathtub, use this mixture as a body wash).

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How to manifest during the last quarter moon

The last quarter moon is a time to release the old and welcome in freshness as one lunar cycle ends and another begins. It allows us to evaluate what's working and what's not and do away with the things no longer serving us.

Take this time for reflection and rest. Consider how your visions have evolved and if anything is necessary to turn them into reality. Assess the upcoming steps and figure out how to improve your goal-setting process to make your visions a reality. To improve your situation, it's essential to focus on the areas that need enhancement, but also remember to be kind to yourself throughout this process.

So, how do manifestation and astrology come together?

You can look at the days of the week and the lunar phases to help focus your intentions.

Let's say a full moon appears on a Thursday, that would be the perfect time to work on cleansing your aura and energy to attract positive changes. Additionally, Jupiter's fortunate influence could help you achieve the goals you've been striving for by eliminating any internal fears holding you back.

Or, if a new moon appears on a Friday, that's the perfect time to reflect and set intentions aimed at revitalizing relationships, finding new love, or improving your financial situation — which are all Venusian aspirations.

When no significant lunar phases occur during the week and you feel inclined to perform a manifestation ritual, simply utilize the day's energy to pursue your desires and bring positivity into your life. It's essential always to trust your instincts and do what you feel is best.

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