‘The Mandalorian’ Season 4 Is Already Written So That Its Story Fits Perfectly With ‘Ahsoka’ and More ‘Star Wars’ Series

The Mandalorian” is about to launch its long-awaited third season next month, but creator Jon Favreau recently confirmed to BFM TV that scripts for Season 4 are already written and waiting to be shot. Disney and Lucasfilm have not yet officially announced a fourth season.

Favreau announced he wrote Season 4 scripts during Season 3 post-production, stressing that it’s essential the scripts be done so that the series can continue to fit into and anchor the larger framework of the “Star Wars” universe. There are a handful of new “Star Wars” series on the way, including the highly anticipated “Ahsoka.”

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“Season 4, yeah I’ve written it already,” Favreau said. “We have to know where we’re going to tell a fully formed story. We had mapped it out, Dave [Filoni] and I, and slowly you start to write each episode. I was writing it during post-production. All of it has to feel like a continuation and one full story.”

“[Dave’s] doing ‘Ahsoka,’ which I’m producing with him. He’s the writer and showrunner on that. To understand what’s happening on other shows….‘Skeleton Crew’ all take place within the same ‘Star Wars’ time period. There’s a lot more things that we’ve got to keep in mind and also stuff that we’ve built up to from previous seasons of ‘The Mandalorian’ as well.”

Rosario Dawson plays the live-action Ahsoka, who debuted in the previous season of “The Mandalorian.” The character is now getting her own series that will be set in the same timeframe as “The Mandalorian,” as will the Jude Law-starring series “Skeleton Crew.” The Amandla Stenberg-starring series “The Acolyte” takes place years in the past, so that’s operating on a different schedule.

“The Mandalorian” Season 3 debuts March 1 on Disney+.

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