Man uses 1,200 Rubik's Cubes to form portrait of China's 'father of rice'

A man used 1,200 Rubik's Cubes to form a portrait in tribute to China's "father of hybrid rice." The cool video filmed in the city of Xinxiang in Henan Province on September 7 shows a man named Wang Junpeng using over a thousand Rubik's Cubes to form the portrait of Yuan Longping who is known as the "father of hybrid rice." Wang is a Rubik's Cube teacher who spent two days designing and one day forming Yuan Longping's portrait out of the devices. Yuan Longping was a Chinese agronomist who was known for developing the first hybrid rice varieties in the 1970s and was given the "father of hybrid rice" name. Yuan passed away in May this year and it was Yuan's birthday on Tuesday (September 7), so Wang formed the portrait in memory of him.

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