Man in underwear, barking dog interrupt CNBC business news programme (VIDEO)

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, July 19 — Viewers of CNBC's business news programme Squawk Box got more than financial news during a recent segment.

Besides a barking dog interrupting in the background, a man in his underwear was also captured on screen, the New York Post reported.

CNBC anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin was interviewing Aureus Asset Management CEO Karen Firestone on Monday when they were interrupted by the sound of a barking dog.

Sorkin responded to the racket by quipping it was just a sign of the "dog days of summer” on Wall Street before proceeding to ask Firestone where markets are headed this fall.

At that point, a man in his underwear could be seen running past the background of CNBC’s live shot.

Both Sorkin and Firestone ignored the blooper and the anchor continued with his original question on upcoming market guidance.

"The dogs seem to think that the dog days are going to get a little more exciting but maybe not in a good way, come September,” Sorkin reportedly said as he ignored the unidentified semi naked man.

According to the portal, bloopers are common during live broadcasts.

NBC reporter Ken Dilanian went viral in 2020 after he was heard accidentally saying the F-bomb on live television due to a production glitch.

Dilanian apologised later for the slip of the tongue.

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