Man in Underpants Accidentally Cameos in Background of CNBC Contributor Interview (Video)

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Throughout the pandemic, interview interruptions from children and pets have provided no end of amusement for people watching cable news, but on Monday morning, a segment on CNBC offered another entry for the growing list.

During Monday’s episode of “Squawk Box,” CNBC contributor Karen Firestone was sharing an update on bank earnings reports when her interview was interrupted by a dog making its voice known. It was while Firestone and the network’s Andrew Ross Sorkin were addressing the canine outburst that another interruption took place when a man in his boxer shorts moved quickly through the back of her shot.

The contributor and Sorkin didn’t seem to notice the man cutting through the frame, which happens around the 1:40 mark, instead commenting on the pup.

“Don’t be sorry,” Sorkin told Firestone, after she apologized for the barks. “We love this. It just adds to the sort of – it’s a live show. And that’s what we enjoy.”

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Among the many, many interview interruptions that made an impact in recent years are when a child interrupted his grandfather on MSNBC, or the lawyer who couldn’t remove the cat-face filter during a court hearing held via Zoom.

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