Man in UK charges RM395 an hour for cuddling services that has people queuing up for them

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, July 14 — A professional “cuddler” in Bristol, United Kingdom, has people queueing up for his hour-long service despite charging £75 (RM395) for it.

Trevor Hooton, 30, set up the business in May which focuses on “cuddle therapy”.

Besides cuddling, the business also offers “connections coaching” to help those struggling to connect with others, Daily Star reported.

Hooton, who is non-binary, said the service offered was more than just a hug, as their work is also about “pouring care, affection and goodwill into someone through touch.”

The Canadian said he started the business based on his passions for building human connections.

“Many people struggle to make those and that's where I step in — it's more than just cuddling, it's giving people the things they need, whatever that might be.

“With cuddle therapists, you're hiring their time, attention and care. It's more than just hugging a stranger,” he reportedly said.

He added that some people do find it a little awkward at first, but that's totally normal, and they quickly feel comfortable.

“People should ask themselves 'if you could have an hour to do nothing but feel cared for, supported and loved, how would it make you feel?'“

Hooton stressed the service was non-sexual, platonic intimacy and based on whatever the person wants.

“We meet, go over guidelines to ensure we're on the same page, and then structure the session based on what they want and their boundaries.”

“There is a lot of checking in to see how they feel and what they want — whatever helps them to feel safe and calm.”

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